My background in pottery began as a child. Growing up in New York, my mother was an art professor and artist. Having an art studio in our home, gave me exposure to both clay and 2D art and creativity was incorporated into our daily life.  In 1985, I set up my clay studio in my home. I also began working as a production potter for a local ceramic artist. This provided me with the practice to advance my skills. I spent time developing glazes, firing techniques, decorating methods and my own line of work evolved. These experiences have allowed me to turn clay into my full-time profession. I turn most of my pieces on the wheel, but I also do some hand building and sculptural work. I sell my work at juried art shows throughout the United States and in my own gallery in Seagrove, North Carolina. 

I wanted to create a style of dinnerware that reflected a modern minimalist look, but was also warm and earthy. These simple forms I designed with function and fashion in mind. I then created a glaze that allows the speckled stoneware clay body to show through. In combination with my contemporary shapes, the natural iron flecks breathe through the glaze and enrich the look of each piece.